Tarjei Bø

Norvegian Olympic Biathlete

Firstly, I would like to say, in Norway even if you are not interested in Sports, you will know about winter Biathlon as the television coverage here in Norway is constantly on throughout the season!

I grew up in Lillehammer, which has a ski resort and hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and is a few hours drive North of Oslo.

Like many Norwegians I started cross-country skiing almost as early as learning to walk. Biathletes need to have extreme endurance and a cool steady aim under pressure. Biathlon originally derives from the Norwegian military as a means of patrolling the borders and it evolved officially into a sport in 1861 by the Trysil Rifle and Ski Club.

At my first Junior World Championships in Presque Isle, Maine, USA, 2006, I won Gold in the Individual and Silver in Pursuit! My younger brother, Johannes Bø is a very successful Biathlete on the UBI World circuit, winning Olympic Gold in the Individual in Pyeongchang, so there is a strong but healthy competitiveness between us.

Professional Norwegian biathlete.

In the 2010 Winter Olympics he earned his first gold medal in the 4×7.5 km biathlon relay, and sprint race in Hochfilzen, earning his first world cup victory. He also won the following pursuit race and anchored the winning relay team. Recently winning Silver for Norway at the Olympic Games 2018, Pyeongchang, South Korea.


I have been asked what kind of a special diet does an Olympic biathlete have, of course we all eat healthy food. However due to the amount of calories that are burnt at a fast rate, we technically could eat anything and not gain weight.

We tend to consume a considerable amount of carbohydrates and fresh fruit along with raw vegetables. Of course fresh fish is an important part of an overall diet, and always being on the move it is not necessarily always easy to access, especially in some parts of the Alps. My collaboration with Norway Omega and their very high quality marine and Krill Oil all from wild water fish and red krill is a part of my regular intake and a supplement that adds to my base diet. Due to the amount of intense training I take at least six to eight capsules daily.


Winter Biathletes require stamina, endurance, technique and skill in rifle shooting.
During the office season, I am training with the Norwegian national team in Norway and at different high altitude camps in the Alps. In a way the off-season is where the hard work is done. During the summer, we also use roller skis to emulate cross-country skis.

Cross country skiing, also know as Langlaufen at a competitive level requires intense and demanding training to be able to compete with the elite. Even during the off season, between April and November we only take a few weeks off training.

Currently I receive coaching with Raphaël Poiret for fitness and am lucky receiving to have the French specialist Siegfried Mazet for target practice.

Hope to see you at a Biathlon, as we shall have upcoming competitions for VIP tickets soon.

Yours Tarjei!

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Tarjei Bø´s brother, Johannes is a consistent podium finisher on the IBU Circuit.

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