Omega3 of Norway’s Finest Antarctic & Norwegian Krill represents the new guard in Omega3 and antioxidants. While wild water fish are widely recognized as the source of Omega3, krill offers a diverse alternative with its antioxidant values.


Omega3 of Norway Finest Krill

Our krill is sustainably sourced from schools of wild krill in the southern Antarctic Ocean, the essence of these tiny crustaceans is not only rich in Omega3 also the antioxidant, astaxanthin. This gives it its ruby red hue. Astaxanthin crucially helps to preserve the potency of krill’s nutritional goodness. Due to their minute size, the krill’s diet consists of algae and microscopic phytoplankton, practically free from pollutants and possessing an inimitable natural purity.

Health Benefits

While krill and wild water fish marine Omega3 share many health benefits, it is the phospholipoid nature of Krill Omega3 and the antioxidant values from Astaxanthin which enhance the krill’s nutritional values. The Phospholipid nature of Krill oil allows the body to absorb the nutritional qualities naturally . Phospholipids occur naturally in the body, in the same way as triglycerides and form the basic components of cell membranes. However, phospholipids are soluble in water, which gives phospholipid Omega3‘s an enhanced bio-efficiency. They are more readily absorbed by the body, which enables their benefits to reach our cells faster.

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Located at the beginning of the food cycle, krill are highly nutritious and almost free from impurities and pollution, even in their original state. No additional purification or distillation is required, which means krill oil only undergoes minimal processing. Krill catches are processed directly from the ocean on board state-of-the-art vessels, guaranteeing its freshness and nutritional value is preserved. From harvesting to the delivery of the raw materials and final product processing, the entire manufacturing process is controlled with complete transparency. A fully traceable chain of production and you have Omega3 of Norway’s Finest Antarctic & Norwegian krill, the finest krill oil of unparalleled quality.


Krill is by far the least sourced of all Marine Omega3s. The global krill population approximately weighs in at 500 million tons, but only a fraction of this is harvested each year. Although krill supplies are bountiful, Omega3 of Norway’s Finest Antarctic & Norwegian krill takes extra care to harvest less than 1% from the designated Southern Antarctic region. Taking advantage of a patented Eco Harvesting® method since 2003. This harvesting technique uses the most cutting edge technology to ensure that only krill is collected, leaving other fish unharmed.

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Full control over the production of krill, from harvest, processing and encapsulation. Controlling the entire supply chain, harvesting krill, raw materials, logistics and processing specifications, auditing, comes with the strictest levels of quality and traceability assurance. Guaranteeing the highest quality krill possible.


Is the latest environmentally friendly krill harvesting technology. Earning its patent pending Eco-Harvesting® technology since 2003. Using a specially designed vessel, incorporating a unique mechanism that singles out unwanted by-catch (non-krill species) and releasing them.

Independent Studies

Krill is evaluated continuously by independent studies and found to contain virtually no contaminants. Krill represents one of the cleanest sources of marine Omega3s on the market today.


Certified by MSC as the only krill that is 100% traceable. The Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) guarantees sustainability and throughout all stages of the supply chain.

Whole Food

Krill is unique as a marine Omega3, considered a whole food extract – without requiring distillation, and having significantly fewer processing steps to achieve its state in a consumable form.

Krill Capsules

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