Tarjei Bø

Norvegian Olympic Biathlete
Norwegian Olympic athlete and Norway Omega ambassador, Tarjei Boe, competing in a Biathlon

Firstly, I would like to say, in Norway even if you are not interested in Sports, you will know about winter Biathlon as the television coverage here in Norway is constantly on throughout the season!

I grew up in Lillehammer, which has a ski resort and hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and is a few hours drive North of Oslo.

Like many Norwegians I started cross-country skiing almost as early as learning to walk. Biathletes need to have extreme endurance and a cool steady aim under pressure. Biathlon originally derives from the Norwegian military as a means of patrolling the borders and it evolved officially into a sport in 1861 by the Trysil Rifle and Ski Club. …Read more

Barnabé Delarze

Swiss Olympic Rower
Swiss Olympic rower and Norway Omega ambassador, Barnabe Delarzé, competing in a rowing event


My name is Barnabe Delarze and I’m a Swiss rower. I won two U23 World Championships titles on my way to the Olympic Games 2016 where my team and I finished at a rather disappointing 7th. Coming out of my first Olympics at age 22, I’m now fully concentrated on the next ones in 2020 in Tokyo. This Olympic cycle will be about tweaking some aspects of my daily routine to make sure I stay healthy and peak at the right time in order to win a medal in Tokyo.

When I don’t travel for training camps or competition, I split my weeks between home (Lausanne) and the national training centre, over two hours away. When I’m home from Monday to Wednesday, I train twice a day with a session in the morning and one in the evening, with university classes in between. Studying sports science, my classes often consist in practicing sports, which means I am physically active all day.…Read more

Lara Holtkamp

Swiss Model
Swiss model and Norway Omega ambassador, Lara Holtkamp, in the marina in Monaco

I grew up with a view looking onto beautiful Lake Zurich just outside the city center.
I literally did learn how to swim in the lake, not in a pool,“I clearly recall. It is one of my earliest memories.”

Growing up in Switzerland has been a great experience for me, to be surrounded by water and mountains is simply wonderful. Learning to ski, like many Swiss at age 3, I try not to miss the opportunity to go to mountains with friends whenever possible. In summer, I love to go hiking, boating or stand up paddling on Lake Zurich or at the Lake of Constance to take advantage of all that Switzerland’s beautiful nature has to offer! My friends and I all are very much outdoor people. We just love being active and breathing fresh mountain air. The air is what I instantly miss whenever I travel to a big city.”…Read more