The winter season brings a lot of joy but you should take extra care in order to enjoy the season to the fullest. Fish and its nutrients have played a major role during winter in the nordics through out history.  Omega3 fatty acids from fish have played a crucial role of survival since early days of humanity. For one, as a source of food. And secondly, the fish oil itself, improving body functions such as better blood flow. In order to be safe in winter, be sure to dress up warm,  and make sure your diet consists of Omega3 fish oil to keep your body functioning optimally.

Healthy heart with Omega3

There have been studies, that cold weather can put your heart at risk. Cold weather makes your heart work harder to keep your body warm, hence your blood pressure and heart rate may rise. This change can cause complications in heart, especially if you have already have a heart condition. The cold weather can affect your blood aswell, which can increase the risk of heart attack due to cold weather developing blood cloths. To tackle the risk, you should include fish oil in your daily diet.

Arthritis pain

One of the not so pleacent side effects of winter to some can be increased joint and muscle pain. Eating Omega3 rich fatty fish such as NorwayOmega, can reduce the pain and reduce arthritis symptoms in general.

Beat seasonal depression with Omega3omega3 , fishoil, krill oil, norwayomega, supplement

Harsh winter conditions, especially during winter solstice , when days are short and darkness dominates; a lot of people experience seasonal affective disorder. Many call this disorder “winter blues”.  Lack of light is the key reason for this seasonal depression, especially people who reside in north, due to the limited amount of daylight during winter days. Hence why you should make sure your Omega3 intake is in place, which has been proven to support mental health. Not only that, but the vitamin D in Omega3 helps tackle the issue of limited day light.

In all, fish oil and Krill oil have many other health benefits ranging from helping reducing risk of diabetes, as well as asthma, few to mention.

Taking in Omega3 while keeping good balanced lifestyle will help you over come the winter blues.

For a happier and healthier winter season, make sure to get your Omega3 intake here


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