Lara Holtkamp

Swiss Model
Swiss model and Norway Omega ambassador, Lara Holtkamp, in the marina in Monaco

I grew up with a view looking onto beautiful Lake Zurich just outside the city center.
I literally did learn how to swim in the lake, not in a pool,“I clearly recall. It is one of my earliest memories.”

Growing up in Switzerland has been a great experience for me, to be surrounded by water and mountains is simply wonderful. Learning to ski, like many Swiss at age 3, I try not to miss the opportunity to go to mountains with friends whenever possible. In summer, I love to go hiking, boating or stand up paddling on Lake Zurich or at the Lake of Constance to take advantage of all that Switzerland’s beautiful nature has to offer! My friends and I all are very much outdoor people. We just love being active and breathing fresh mountain air. The air is what I instantly miss whenever I travel to a big city.”


Being a model from Switzerland as well as a Norway Omega representative is no coincidence as the capsules are made by none other than Swiss Caps who are based in Kirchberg / Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.

Representing Norway Omega is a great opportunity for me, since maintaining a healthy way of living is mandatory for a beauty and fashion model: “I travel a lot, and photo jobs usually last long hours with short breaks only.” To stay fit and healthy, I try to balance it off with a good diet, and Norway Omega supplements ensure a steady flow of healthy energy.” I also love traditional Swiss foods such as Roesti (fried raw potatoes), cheese fondue (melted cheese into a pot, eaten with squares of bread) or Raclette (melted cheese with potatoes), but of course I cannot eat it too often. Instead, I try to eat fresh seasonal vegetables, gluten free cereals, lean organic meat and cut down on sugar.”


Due to the Swiss regulations, food in Switzerland is generally of a very high quality. With my diet I focus on eating fresh fruit and raw vegetables on a daily basis along with sports activities, going to the gym and swimming. “However, what we do lack here in Zurich are wild marine Omega3, sourced from the sea. Norway Omega’s Finest Red Krill Oil and Wild Water Omega3 are wonderful supplements that help to hydrate my skin and can act as a natural light UV protection against the sun and keep my hair strong and shiny. What could be better than ´Beauty from Within´?

I always take Norway Omega with me while travelling. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been more convenient. It is a choice all of us can make every day.

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