Barnabé Delarze

Swiss Olympic Rower
Swiss Olympic rower and Norway Omega ambassador, Barnabe Delarzé, competing in a rowing event


My name is Barnabe Delarze and I’m a Swiss rower. I won two U23 World Championships titles on my way to the Olympic Games 2016 where my team and I finished at a rather disappointing 7th. Coming out of my first Olympics at age 22, I’m now fully concentrated on the next ones in 2020 in Tokyo. This Olympic cycle will be about tweaking some aspects of my daily routine to make sure I stay healthy and peak at the right time in order to win a medal in Tokyo.

When I don’t travel for training camps or competition, I split my weeks between home (Lausanne) and the national training centre, over two hours away. When I’m home from Monday to Wednesday, I train twice a day with a session in the morning and one in the evening, with university classes in between. Studying sports science, my classes often consist in practicing sports, which means I am physically active all day.


I head to the training centre Wednesday evening and from there, every day looks similar. I wake up at 7, take a quick breakfast complemented with some vitamins and Omega3 of Norway taking both Omega3 of Norway – Marine Omega3 and Finest Krill Oils. The first session starts at 7:30 and is about 2 hours long on the water, working on endurance and the rowing stroke. We then have a small break where I eat a huge ‘full English’ style second breakfast and we’re back on the water or the indoor rowing machine at 11:30 for a more intensive session including long intervals. We get some time off in the afternoon to eat lunch, have a nap, eat a snack and we’re back in action at 4 for either a weightlifting or an alternative training session (running, x-country skiing, cycling, swimming…). Our training day ends at around 6-6:30, I get some downtime, cook and eat dinner and go to bed after taking my second intake of Omega3 of Norways range of Marine Omega3 & Krill. I then repeat it all again every day before driving back home on Sunday.


My weeks are busy and intense in training. I go through 15-18 sessions a week representing around 25-30 effective hours. Nutrition also is a big part of my life as it is my fuel allowing me to recover and perform day after day. I always focus on eating varied and quality fresh food. It can be hard to get all the nutrients I need through food only and that’s where Omega3 of Norway plays an important role. Omega3 are so important for your body and even more so when you’re an athlete. Through training, your body is always in an inflamed state and your immune system is weakened. Omega3 reduces the inflammation, strengthens the immune system and helps you recover faster. I attach the same importance on the quality of my supplements as I do for my food. That’s why I chose Omega3 of Norway, they are the richest and purest form of Omega3 and red Krill (500mg fish gels by swisscaps) that I know of.

Feel free to check out my website too delarze-rowing.ch
& instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barnabe_d/

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