Is It Too Late now for “New Year New Me”? 3 Tips To Still Reach Your Goals For 2019 – Part 1: Habits

by Norway Omega | 01/28/2020 | Blog

As we are nearing June and the first half of 2019 is nearly over, it might be time to check in on our new years resolutions and to find new ways of reaching our goals for this year.
Many of us have set out their new year resolutions for 2019 to become a fitter, happier and healthier self this year but it can be hard to reach those goals if we just aim to completely change ourselves, especially when our motivation is decreasing with busy-ness of daily life.

So here are some tips on how to make 2019 the year your resolutions are completed instead of forgotten about.

This will be a series of 3 articles to help you re-start the year and reach your goals.

Part 1 - Habits

Focus on the Process Instead Of A Goal

Instead of setting a goal or resolution to achieve, try to focus more on the process and not the final result. So instead of saying “I want to loose 10 pounds by the summer”, say “I want to exercise 3 times a week and improve my diet” and then try to build habits around those smaller, more manageable and tangible goals. For example try to include elements of a balanced diet into your exercise regime for added benefits, which could include supplements like Omega-3 of Norway capsules for an increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.

How to build a habit

To build a habit we need to understand how they work. A habit is a neurological loop, a shortcut, a routine that automates a part of our daily activity and reduces the amount of choices we have to make. This not only makes us more efficient because we do not waste time making the decision about what to have for breakfast, we also have more mental energy for more important decisions we will have to make throughout the day.

First, we need a cue or trigger to remind our brain of the habit before we enter into the next phase, the action. This is where we complete and actually “do” the habit before moving on to the final phase, the reward. This reward will then be linked to the trigger and will encourage us to repeat the action.

And it is easier to create a habit if you can associate it with a routine you already have in place. This will work as your “habit-anchor”. For example, if your goal is to improve your diet or overall well being and you want to incorporate Omega-3 capsules into your diet, link this to another part of your morning routine. So let’s say in the morning you get up and go to the kitchen to make coffee. Now “anchor” a habit of taking your Omega-3 of Norway capsule right away while you wait for your coffee to brew.

How To Make It Last

Once we understand how habits work, we can help ourselves get over obstacles that might stop us from continuing.
To make sure our habits will stick with us for a long time, try to identify obstacles and take steps to remove them. So for example, place your Omega-3 of Norway pouch or reusable container next to you coffeemaker so you will not forget to take it and also won’t have to walk back to your bathroom or cupboard to get the capsules.

Be aware of the 3 steps of building a habit and don’t forget about the 3rd and final step of the process, the reward. This positive experience will help your brain to associate positive experiences with the initial cue or “anchor” of the habit and will make it easier to stick to it.

Track your progress but don’t set your expectations too high. To aim for perfection will make it easy to fail and kill your motivation. Set yourself smaller and more tangible goals, maybe start with the goal to take your Omega-3 capsules everyday for 30 days. Try our 30-day supply pouch to make sure you have everything you need to reach your goal and maybe keep a diary to note how you feel each day and if you feel like your overall mood and well being is improving slowly over time. Once you have reached that, you can always increase the upper limit you set yourself and continuously improve.

Now, let’s start again 2019 and keep your eyes peeled for the 2nd part of this series where we will focus on intention and productivity.

As we are nearing June and the first half of 2019 is nearly over, it might be time to check in on our new years resolutions and to find new ways of reaching our goals for this year.