The Phospholipid Advantage of Krill Oil

by Norway Omega | 07/29/2022 | Blog


Cardiovascular disease is the global leading cause of death, accounting for over 18 million deaths in 2019 alone. The cardiovascular conditions heart disease and stroke are also a major cause of disability and imply raising health care costs all over the world. 

But we know today that up to 80 % of cardiovascular diseases can actually be prevented by addressing lifestyle and behavioral risk factors. Those include for example stress, unhealthy diet, excess of alcohol or physical inactivity. 

Taking care of what you put into your body and improving your diet can be a very efficient first step in your journey towards better health. This is where food supplements come into play and today we will look at why krill oil is such a powerful addition to your diet and how it can improve your cardiovascular health!


Why Krill Oil?

Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, as well as phospholipids and choline which are clinically proven to support your heart health. 

Supplementing with high-quality food supplements is an easy way to get all the necessary nutrients for your body and mind and there has been a lot of research proving how krill oil specifically improves your heart health: 


Clinically proven health benefits

Krill oil improves your cardiovascular health in a variety of ways and is proven to support the three markers of heart health better than any other omega. These three markers are

  • Triglyceride levels in the blood
  • Omega-3 Index
  • LDL cholesterol levels

Here is an summary of some of the clinically proven health benefits of krill oil supplements on your cardiovascular health: 

So, taking krill oil on a regular basis can be a great proactive measure to improve your heart health in the long run.


The origin and its ingredients

Krill oil is sourced from the clean and clear waters of the Antarctic Ocean and contains very few pollutants because of their small size and low position in the marine food chain. 

This is why they are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, as well as the nutrients choline and the natural antioxidant astaxanthin


Sustainability and Traceability

The Antarctic krill we use in our supplement is exclusively sourced within the limits of sustainable fishery and is certified as such by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The krill biomass is one of the largest one on earth due to their high reproductive rate and therefore makes it one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world. Every batch of our krill oil can be traced back to its origin thanks to our unique batching and traceability technology. 


The Phospholipid Advantage of Krill Oil

But what makes krill oil so special and how is it possible that a single supplement can have so many benefits for us? Read on to find out!


Phospholipids vs triglycerides


Krill oil not only provides you with high-quality marine omega-3 EPA and DHA, but also choline and the aforementioned antioxidant astaxanthin. But that is not all. The so-called phospholipid advantage of krill oil also leads to a superior transport, delivery and integration of these nutrients in your cells and organs. 

But what exactly is this phospholipid advantage we keep going on about? 

This refers to the molecular structure of the nutrients in krill oil and the way this influences how they travel through our body and how they ultimately enter our cells. 


Phospholipids are an important part of our cell membranes and are part of the barrier between cells which regulate what passes from cell to cell. This impacts not only cell communication, but also their proper functioning and larger processes in our body such as our cognitive health and even our metabolism. This is especially important during the aging process, as the cells get more rigid which reduces their communication. 

The phospholipids work as a bandwagon that take the omega-3s on board to enter the cells because it renders them soluble in water and therefore making it possible to be immediately absorbed by our body. 

In other supplements, the omega-3s take the form of triglycerides, which are not water-soluble. They therefore need the “help” of additional digestive enzymes to be absorbed in our cells, which renders the process a bit slower.



But why is this a good thing? 

Well, this means that our body is able to absorb the nutrients in krill oil more efficiently because krill oil has a higher so-called “bioavailability”. So the good stuff in krill oil gets to where it is needed faster and in higher concentrations, therefore improving the effects of the supplement on your cardiovascular health for example. 

This way, your whole body can benefit from the many positive effects of krill oil in no time!

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