Sailing in Norway

by Norway Omega | 01/28/2020 | Blog
Sailing in Norway

Summer in Norway

Summer in Norway, means long long days and an abundance of wonderful nature, inland fjords and a coastline adorned by wonderful islands.

What comes naturally to Norwegians who wish to take advantage of their beautiful environment? Retreating the ´summer cabin´, goes without saying. Satisfying ones lust for the sea and setting sail, wether this is to the stunning fjords or exploring the wondrous islands and Norwegian coast.

Here one can enjoy time away from the city and enjoy nature to its fullest. Fresh sea air and embracing the horizon. Osloites, often only have to drive a short while to Sandefjord or further South to Kristiansand both are home to large marinas and are historically big in sailing towns.
When you are visiting Norway, chartering motorboats and skippered yachts can easily be found along Coastal sailing spots.

A great example of Norwegian yachting can be seen at the

Sailing ships in harbor during the tall ships races

  • Vågen, Stavanger
  • Latitude – 51 50 77 58
  • When – July 26, 2018 – July 29, 2018

At the end of July Stavanger hosts the infamous Tall Ship Race, an international sailing regatta held over four days, for the next generations. A long weekend, where you can take in beautiful sailing ships, music, classic Norwegian cuisine and enjoy Stavanger.

Yachting, Sailing & Fishing

Along with yachting as a sport and for leisure, Norwegians forever lasting love affair with sailing is closely connected with fishing, here we can start to understand Norways integral history and design with Superior Omega-3. The unspoilt coast offers keen anglers unlimited opportunity for fishing in Norways clean and clear waters. During Norwegian summer you may find yourself fishing after midnight with no need for lights as the midsummer sun never really sets here. Norway in summer is the best way to experience Norway and to take advantage of the long long days (:

Beautiful girl fishing in northern Norway

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