How to store krill oil?

by Norway Omega | 18/05/2021 | Blog

Krill oil is an omega–3 dietary supplement that has risen in popularity over the past few years because of its many health benefits. Taking krill oil capsules
on a daily basis is one of the easiest ways to make sure, that you supply your body with all the omega – 3 fatty acids Dicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) it so desperately needs. Taking krill oil has been linked to many health benefits and very little side effects, so you should
definitely give it a try. But how do you make sure, your krill oil stays fresh to maximize its benefits? How do you store it? And, can you freeze it? These
are just some of the questions, that we want to answer in this article.


What is krill oil good for?

Krill oil is made from the small shrimp like crustaceans called krill that live in all oceans of the world. Here at Omega 3 of Norway we use a species called
Antarctic Krill to make our krill oil. They live in the clear waters of the Southern Ocean and are a perfect starting point to produce a pure and high-quality krill oil supplement. We use specifically designed vessels to source our krill, that use a certified eco-harvesting catching method to reduce unwanted bycatch of non-krill species. These vessels are designed to release unwanted bycatch back into the sea as fast as possible, to make the process more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Because krill are so small, they sit low in the food chain and are considered to contain low amounts of pollutants because of that.

Studies show that these krill oil capsules are full of goodness for your body and mind and should not be missing in anyone’s healthy lifestyle regime. Below we will look at the positive effects of krill oil in more detail and explain, what makes it such a special supplement.


The health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids

Antarctic krill oil is an excellent source of the marine omega – 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which have many health benefits. Research has shown, that these omega – 3 fatty acids help to maintain our cell membranes healthy and also support brain development and function. Furthermore, these fatty acids found in krill oil may be beneficial for the function of our liver and nervous system, as well as hormone production and the regulation of blood pressure, which is a good prevention of heart disease. When we say that it is good for mind and body, we mean that literally! Krill oil has a positive impact on our heart health as it
can lower cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, reduce overall blood lipids and therefore reduce the risk of blood clotting which is a risk factor for both strokes and heart attacks. But that is not all! Krill oil supplements are also a strong anti-inflammatory agent and have shown to relieve pain in people with rheumatoid arthritis because of this.

Next to the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA Antarctic krill oil supplements also contains a natural strong antioxidant called astaxanthin. What this means, we have explained here in detail. But an antioxidant can support your body in a variety of
ways and can protect your cells against the damage done by so-called free radicals a by-product of natural processes in the body, that can damage our cells. Krill oil contains this antioxidant, which also gives it its signature red hue and makes it a powerful alternative to the traditional fish oil supplements, to get your daily fix of omega – 3. Krill oil and fish oil both contain omega -3 fatty acids, but krill oil has some special tricks up its sleeve.

What is special about krill oil?

Because krill oil is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, the antioxidant it contains are able to protect our brain cells from the damage caused by free radicals that are created through a process called oxidation. These free radicals can attack our cells and have negative side effects on our metabolism. So, it really is a very powerful all-rounder. Therefore, krill oil may play an important role in maintaining our brain and mind healthy and happy. The effects of krill oil are almost exclusively positive, because of the high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA it contains. It is recommended to take at least one capsule a day, but the exact amount of EPA and DHA you need, depend on your personal needs, your diet and lifestyle among other factors.

Now that we know why we should start taking krill oil, it is important to know how to maximize their benefits. This means, we have to store our capsules the
correct way, so the oil they contain stays fresh and potent.


How to store krill oil?

In this part of the article, we want to answer questions like “Should krill oil be refrigerated?” and “Can I freeze krill oil?” to make sure, your krill oil maintains maximal freshness once it arrives at your doorstep. This way, you can increase the benefits of the supplement and reduce any possible negative side effects to a minimum.

But there are a few things you should keep in mind:

How to check your omega – 3 supplement is still fresh

The first thing that is very important, is to check whether the product you bought is still in date. Check the expiry date and check the capsules for any other signs, like a different color or stronger smell, that could indicate that the oil has gone rancid.

Because krill oil contains the biologically active polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA, it can react with the oxygen molecules in the surrounding air. This process is called oxidation and leads to the supplement going rancid over time. This is inevitable, but it is important to delay the process long enough, so your krill oil is still fresh when you take it. The same applies to fish oil supplements, which also contain the healthy essential fatty acids EPA and DHA and have similar health benefits to krill oil.

So, how do we store the krill oil supplement correctly? To sum it up, it is important to keep them in an air-tight container and at low temperate and away from exposure to light. Let’s explain:


How to delay oxidation?

The process called oxidation happens, when the supplement comes into contact with oxygen. So, it is important to keep it as air-tight as possible.

Here at Omega 3 of Norway, we sell our supplements in capsules, which is already a step towards protecting the oils from exposure to oxygen compared to liquid fish oils, that you buy in bottles. Make sure to not perforate or cut your capsules and swallow them whole, to keep the oil within away from oxygen.

Another important factor is to keep the oil at low temperatures, as heat and exposure to light can accelerate the oxidation process. The best option is to keep your krill oil supplement in a cool, dark place in an air-tight container. A fridge is ideal, but do not freeze it.

If you suspect that your product might be off, check for the expiry date and if the oil looks cloudy within the capsule or if it smells “fishy”. If so, you have to throw them out and open a new batch.

This is why here at Omega 3 of Norway we offer subscription boxes, so you get small amounts of supplements delivered to your home on a regular basis, to always have fresh krill oil at hand. To calculate, how many capsules you should take per day, it is best to seek medical advice.


Stay clear of rancid krill oil

When the oil is rancid, it should not be consumed any more because the rancidity can have negative effects on your health. During the oxidation process, harmful by-products can be created, which not only reduce the positive effects of the krill oil but can even lead to side effects like heartburn or increased cholesterol.

The capsules will also leave a strong fishy aftertaste, because the product is not fresh any more. The same applies to fish oil, as it also contains the omega -3 fatty acids DHA and EPA that can react with oxygen.


We use only the best capsules

We use high-quality SwissCaps gelatin capsules to store our krill oil and fish oil supplements. They are made by the Aenova Group, St Gaelan, Switzerland , who are a global leader in manufacturing pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
Like we at Omega 3 of Norway, this company focuses on using modern technology to achieve a high-quality product, looking back on over 30 years of experience. The group is present in over 22 countries in the world, and we use the capsules they make for both our krill oil and fish oil supplements.

They use innovative materials and production methods, and we are very proud, to be using their Softgel capsules here at Omega 3 of Norway.

SwissCaps for the best customer experience

These SwissCaps are highly regarded in the industry and fulfil all the highest quality standards. They are small and compact, more comfortable to swallow and offer a neutral smell and odor profile for a better consumer experience.

They act as a protective shield that keep oxygen away from the oil within the capsule and therefore contribute to prolonging the shelf-life of the supplement. In comparison to liquid fish oil that is sold in bottles, this limits the exposure to oxygen and helps it to stay fresher for longer. A. most resilient capsule, infused with vanilla flavor for our krill oils.


Red krill oil supplement pill

The Summary

So, the best way to store your kill oil supplement is to keep it refrigerated. An alternative is to keep it in a dry, cool cupboard away from direct sunlight and heat.

Refrigeration ultimately reduces the taste and odor of krill to an absolute minimum, refrigeration maintains krill as close to its natural temperature as possible.

This is to avoid oxidation for as long as possible, which is a natural chemical process that will make any type of fish oil or krill oil supplement go rancid with time. They key factor here is time, to avoid that the supplements go bad before you had the time to take them.

You can take several capsules per day, depending on your individual wants and needs. Fish oil has been used as a dietary supplement for centuries and krill oil is something like it’s trendy little brother. It contains the same health omega – 3 fatty acids but has some added benefits like containing the natural antioxidant astaxanthin and other important minerals and vitamins like choline. In this article we have written more about the positive impact of krill oil on your health and well-being.

If you would like to know more about all things omega 3 or fish oil supplements, head over to our blog, or browse our products in the shop section.

We sell both high-quality fish oil and krill oil sourced from Antarctic krill or wild caught anchovies, guaranteeing the best product made to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, pureness and sustainability.

We are proud to look back on over 120 years of experience working with marine omega – 3 and highly value the Norwegian tradition behind this dietary supplement.