Fish & Finns, combination well served

by Norway Omega | 28/01/2020 | Blog
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Acquatic lifestyle in Finland

Finland is a country that has 187,888 lakes, as well as large border of sea (Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland) Finns have always had close connection to marine nature. This makes Finlands nature truly unique and with its harsh winters; the Finns have learned the importance and how to maximise the assets of nature, especially Fish. Hence why in present Finland, it plays a big role in Finnish lifestyle. 

Thousands of lakes were born after the Ice Age, when the melting and rainwater filled the depths of enclosed chambers of 2-3 kilometers of ice mass. The catch produced by extensive fishing waters was an essential factor that enabled Finland to live and to survive in harsh conditions after the Ice Age.  Fishing has been practiced in Finland as long as there have been people here, ie about 10,000 years. One could say Finns are pioneers of Fishing.


Fish Culture Facts: Finland

The fishing culture is booming Fishing and fishing is an important part of Finnish identity. Getting on the water is a way of life for many. The historical significance of waterways and fishing is reflected in many Finnish place names. The longest-running Finnish President Urho Kekkonen was known as an eager fisherman. Fishing is also largely present in literature and arts. To improve fishing, Finns have somewhat invented fish stocks. Almost 40% of the population, or about 2 million Finns, fish at least once a year. There are hundreds of thousands of active enthusiasts and for many, fishing is the most important hobby. International fishing tourism has almost 200 years of tradition in Finland.


Fish, Norway Omega, Finland, Nature, Fish oil, Sea, health

Omega-3 Fish Oil , house hold item in Nordics

Ever since Fish oil was invented in Norway in the mid 1800s, it has found its importance in Finland. It is one of the oldest pharmacy products in Finland. Many of the health benefits of fish oil are now known in present, but have been used to prevent and treat rickets in Finland since the 1920s.  Fish oil has become a household brand in Finland, which is consumed on a daily basis. For the past 100 years, most Finnish house holds consume Omega-3 fish oils as part of their daily diet. This includes everyone from toddlers, athletes, adults to elders. Some even go to the length of having raw splash of fish oil with their porridge in the morning ! 

For more information on Finnish lakes, follow this link to “the wikipedia of lakes”. For more extensive health benefits of Omega-3, go see our health section.