For the same reasons that we choose to eat fresh, natural foods, and not overly processed ones, Omega3 of Norway values the importance of obtaining nourishment in its native and natural form.
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Omega3 fatty acids naturally occur as triglycerides, the molecular structure that fats and oils assume in both plants and animals. This is how Omega3 fatty acids are preserved in Omega3 of Norway’s capsules. A triglyceride Omega3 oil not only ensures that their nutritional goodness is most easily absorbed by the body, but also provides insurance against the oxidization of Omega3 to protect their stability and efficacy.

With so many Omega3 s on the market, many producers are opting for an alternative form of Omega3 known as ethyl esters. This type of fish oil combines free fatty acids with ethanol to make the EPA and DHA levels more concentrated. Referred to as fish oil concentrates, these ethyl esters are commonly used since they cost the least to produce. However, they are more difficult for the body to digest and process.

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Freshly squeezed orange juice or a concentrated one. The taste may be similar, but the physical make up is entirely different, which one would you choose?

Fish oil concentrate has been artificially manipulated to hit the same standards as fish oil triglycerides. Omega3 of Norway not only offers Omega3 oil in its authentic form, but our formula is comprised of over 90% triglycerides while most other companies average around 60%. Presented with a choice of the two, what would you prefer?


Omega3 of Norway offers the cleanest and most refreshing taste and odor/scent profile possible. Thanks to Omega 3 of Norway’s unique patented processing refinement, it is virtually tasteless and odor free.

Which company has the highest standards of all for fish and bovine gelatine capsules?

Swiss Caps Softgels

To match the ultimate quality in an Omega3 wild water fish Marine Oil, we have naturally chosen SwissCaps who hold the most highly regarded reputation in the industry, equipped with the latest production technology and ensuring only the highest quality and efficiency throughout all stages of production.


  • Quality assurance, striving to surpass all industry criteria to the highest possible standards.
  • Supreme over its competitors, SwissCaps bovine and fish capsules are most highly resilient and neutral in taste.
  • Smaller and more comfortable compact 500mg softgel capsules – with fish gelatin.


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