Omega 3 of Norway in the World – Highlight: Monaco & Club 39

by Norway Omega | 03/04/2022 | Blog

In this new series, we will look at some exclusive locations all over the world where Omega 3 of Norway´s natural Marine Oils are available!

Club 39 in Monaco – Your home away from home

There is a lot to do in Monaco, the glittery and glamorous micro-state, the principality of the Grimaldi dynasty. Situated in-between Nice and Genoa on the Southern Coast of France overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the modern facade, Monaco dates back to 1297, when Francesco Grimaldi too the Lordship.

Monaco has been a destination for the rich and famous since the early 20th century and still today attracts those who are looking for an extra special and luxurious experience. You can explore most of the attractions by foot, soaking up the sunshine and the views of the modern architecture and beautiful yachts in Monte Carlo ( If you want to feel especially well taken care of, however, make sure to go and visit Club 39, located at the heart of Monte Carlo.

Avenue Princesse Grace

Club 39, an exclusive private sports club on the Riviera, welcomes you with open arms to a beautifully designed space that offers everything you need for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Across three floors, with both social and intimate spaces, Club 39 showcases a very special fusion of luxury and wellness.

The Club is situated on the Princesse Grace Avenue, an elegant space directly overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and soaking up all the glamour and style of Monte Carlo, its members’ program making it the most exclusive gym in all of Monte Carlo. However, it is much more than a gym. It is an outstanding fitness and lifestyle club, looking to reunite inspired individuals and their exclusive guests. Designed to stimulate and soothe the senses, the Club wants to facilitate a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The concept of this club is unique and based on the vision of its founder, Scottish former international Rugby Player, Ross Beattie, known for excellence in his elite professional sports career. And his commitment to excellence can be seen all over the club, from its ultramodern sporting equipment, water with adjustable PH-levels, to its soft robes and marble bathrooms. In this place of luxury and comfort, you will find your home away from home in Monte Carlo.

Club 39, lobby

Sports fine dining or relaxation – At Club 39 you can have it all

This unique club offers ideal sport equipment and facilities for both amateurs and pro-athletes alike. Across 800 square meters, you can find incredible facilities, such as a a high-altitude hypoxic training room, which can recreate conditions of up to 5000 meters in altitude. Club 39 is the only provider of such a facility to non-professionals in Europe and this technology has proven especially efficient in the recovery process. Features like this make Club 39 the ideal place for both professional athletes and amateurs who are looking to reach their fitness goals in an environment that is specifically designed for a balanced and holistic approach to health and fitness.


The team at Club 39 consists of ex-professional sportsmen and women who are there to help you with your training by providing services like a body composition analysis at the start of your training programme, to optimize and maximize your training outcomes. The combination of hand-picked professional trainers and state-of-the-art fitness equipment makes Club 39 the obvious choice for fitness enthusiasts and pro-athletes all over Monaco.  Norway Omega are therefore very proud to have our krill and omega -3 products as the choice of supplement for the members here, because we know that at 39, only the best is acceptable.

At this private gym and spa, members can also enjoy the sumptuous lounge, which offers smoothies and healthy and delicious meals, originally designed by David Knapp from New Zealand the finest local ingredients are used to provide delicious food aimed at health & fitness by elite chefs. Meanwhile, the purified water system in place (Pure Ionic Water) is unique to the Club and the PH level of the water is specifically adjusted to each area of the club, to provide you with the perfect environment at all times.


If you’re done with your workout and want to relax and enjoy a beautiful spa experience, look no further than the on-site spa and beauty salon, which offers hair treatments, first-class barber services, as well as many skincare treatments. Using only products by the well-known and exclusive brand “Biologique Recherche”, you sure are in good hands here. The internationally renowned stylists will make sure you look your best and offer exclusive and holistic treatments for skin and hair.


Omega-3: a natural anti-inflammatory – available at Club 39

The holistic approach to health and fitness demonstrated by Club 39 reflects our values here at Omega 3 of Norway, and we are therefore proud that the Club has selected our products as its choice of supplement for its members! The number one benefit of omega–3 supplements are their anti-inflammatory effects.

The importance of Omega-3 fatty acids for the human body

The Benefits of Omega 3 for the Skin?

These are essential for the regeneration of our muscles after exercise and help us to stay in our best shape. Omega 3 of Norway offers products which are retained in their natural state and therefore contain over 90% Triglycerides and 65% of the fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are the main drivers of omega-3’s health benefits. Swiss clinical trials have shown through many studies, both with professional athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts, that taking a daily dose of omega-3, combined with a healthy diet, can reduce inflammation levels to up to 90%. Omega-3 is therefore the perfect supplement for all sportsmen who strive for excellence and perfection, such as the members at Club 39.

This decrease in inflammation is just one of the reasons why many top athletes in the world rely on taking a daily capsule of omega-3 to stay in top shape and make sure that even during a resting period, they do not lose muscle mass. These fatty acids also have a positive impact on our immune system and can be beneficial for our physical and mental well-being. They have also shown to have a positive impact on our skin. (  So, it is no surprise that such a powerful all-rounder can be found at Club 39, where only the best quality products are offered.


Here you can find out more about Club 39 and its special features