Omega-3 Fish Oil: Staying Fit on the Move

by Norway Omega | 01/28/2020 | Blog
stretching while staying fit


Travelling for work is a great way to get out of the office, however maintaining your healthy diet and fitness regime is more challenging while on the move. Prior to arriving in a new location  it is worthwhile reviewing your hotel gym,  sports and yoga clubs in the areas close to your location, to see if it is possible to fit a work out in with your schedule. When that is not convenient jogging is more time efficient and planning your route by a river or in a city park is a good way to prepare for your trip. However even putting 10-20 minutes aside can make a great difference, using the space in your hotel room, a short intense set of abs press ups and stretching will help maintain your well being. Keeping up the discipline here staying fit on the move, always pays off!


Food on the go, meetings, client dinners, 

Don’t usually afford a healthy consistent nutritional daily plan, keeping a list of your healthy foods you like helps to stay focused, while eating with new company. Dining in new restaurants on a daily basis, making the effort to choose a leaner course consistently is going to really pay over time, focal points in staying fit.

Healthy breakfast


While on the road, bring your supply of Norway Omega, taking our Omega-3 Fish Oil & Red Krill Oils daily, everyday is where you will notice a real difference. The small travel pouch slips seamlessly into any case .Our clients always notice the increase in the length of their nails. A significant sign of healthy skin. So, keep up those workouts, however short and keep track of your healthy food. And of course, don’t forget to pack your Omega-3 of Norway, in order to stay fit ! Find out about our latest offers here.