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Finest Krill Omega3


60 day subscription of the purest & richest Antarctic & Norwegian Krill sustainably sourced with eco-harvesting.

  • 216mg - EPA/DHA Omega3 fatty acids
  • Astaxanthin 258mcg (minimum)
  • Total Phospholipids: 420mg
  • Multipurpose Omega3 health food supplement
  • The lowest levels of trans-fatty acids & oxidation values
  • The best taste & odor profile possible - almost tasteless and odorless
  • 500mg capsules by Swiss-caps, are smaller making them more comfortable to take
  • Re-sealable pouch. Designed & made in Norway

ONGOING SUBSCRIPTION – Stay on top with a continuous supply.

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Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Our Omega-3 oils and marine oils are manufactured on processing plants which have been approved by the European Union for export of fishery products to the union meaning that they have implemented, and are maintaining, food hygiene procedures based on the HACCP principles and is in compliance with the EU regulations 852/2004/EC, on the hygiene of foodstuffs, and 853/2004/EC setting forth specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin, as well as regulation 854/2004/EC laying down specific rules for the organisation of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption

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